The Home Projects

In order to be able to carry out qualification measures in FC CHP, training and further training materials must be available. These were developed and designed in the home projects. Three projects with the following objectives were implemented in the years 2005 to 2012:

(1) Basic module

The main focus of the basic module was to present and explain the basic features for the development of innovative technology for fuel cell applications. The following topics were dealt with:

1. Electrochemical conversion instead of combustion
2. Fuel cells and fuel cell heaters
3. Energy conversion on site
4. increase of energy efficiency
5. Low-emission energy supply
6. Hydrogen - the fuel of the future.

These topics and contents of the basic module are important for everyone. They provide the background information for understanding the innovative fuel cell technology. To this end, materials and media have been designed in a multimedia manner, with which teachers can convey the topics of teaching.

(2) Bridge module

The bridge module already expresses what it is about. It is shown what can already be done today so that the market entry of the fuel cell heaters can be quickly adapted to the qualifications and competences that are then required. In this sense the following content and themes were implemented in the bridge module:

Mini CHP as a bridge technology for fuel cell heaters
Efficiency increase in domestic power supply by cogeneration plants
Virtual power plants and energy services
Contracting and comparable offers.
The knowledge acquired in the bridge module is also used in fuel cell heaters.

(3) Application module
Now specialists are being asked for fuel cell heaters, it is finally time: Fuel cell heaters are available and will be sold, installed, commissioned, optimized and maintained. This application module, which is intended for education and training, contains the following topics:

1. Prerequisites and conditions for the use of fuel cell heaters: Competent specialists!
2. Design and operation of fuel cell heaters
3. Planning and design of fuel cell heaters
4. Integration of fuel cell heaters into domestic appliances
5. Commissioning of fuel cell heaters and optimization of operation
6. Generalizations for the installation and operation of fuel cell heaters
7. Maintenance and service for fuel cell heaters.
8. The customer module "Installation and commissioning of fuel cell heaters" is covered by the application module.

In the FC CHP training and further education measures, materials and media from the home projects are predominantly used. They will find in a new compilation use in the e-learning phase and in connection with components and devices in the presence phase.<//span><//span><//span>



In the FC CHP training and further education training courses, materials and media from the home projects are mainly used for study. Students and learners will find i new ways to use e-learning in connection with components and devices in the non face to face phase.