Blended Learning

The blended learning offer FC CHP consists of

  • the online modules and the attendance period.

The online modules are:

  • Online Module 1: Background information and topics of CHP technology
  • Online Module 2: Fuel cell heaters - a future-oriented energy supply in domestic installations
    Online Module 2 is designed specifically with regard to the following target groups:
    1) Teachers
    2) Professionals
    3) Trainees.

More information about the modules available in the online modules menu.

In class seminar about the online modules theoretically acquired knowledge is brought concretely to 2 operational fuel cell heating appliances for use:

  • BlueGen the Fa. CFC.The device operates on the basis of SOFC.
  • Elcore 2400 the manufacturer of the same name. This unit is equipped with HT-PEM fuel cells